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Known Bugs

This page is for Known problems with House Layouts and some tips on how to go about fixing them.

Disappearing items
There are two common causes for disappearing items. Often the items will be visible until you leave the zone and come back.

  1. Item placed inside a wall or floor
  2. Item placed inside another object

Both of these are based on the same issue. The Client thinks that the item is out of view and therefore does not render it in the scene. Every item has a center point that the item rotates around. If this point is inside a wall, floor, or ceiling, then the game thinks the entire item is out of view. The only thing you can do it move the item inside the room. Sometimes if you get two items stacked close enough to each other the same problem can occur. Moving the items apart slightly will often fix the problem.

Random Rotating items

Sometime items will randomly rotate themselves. This seems to be caused by the item attempting to snap to a nearby surface. There is no definite fix for this. It is best to try different rotations or non even numbers (use 89.99 instead of 90)

Layout version error

The game will only load the current layout version. With GU 56 the version was changed to version 5. Any layouts saved before GU56 will no longer load. Because there is little difference between version 4 and 5 you can manually change the layout version using a standard text editor (notepad). Just change “4,Version Number” to “5,Version Number” and the layout should load.

Missing Zone walls when zoning into your house

This can happen when an item is place at the same spot your character is placed when you first zone into the house. It can often happen with floor tiles or carpets that are raised up from the floor near the doorway. The fix is to move the item until the problem goes away.

8 Responses to “Known Bugs”

  1. Egeis@AB says:

    Why not allow a before save that will suptract 0.00000001 from the saved file to allow us to enter whole numbers to compensate for the random rotating items?

  2. admin says:

    That does not always fix the issue.

  3. Poetik@CB says:

    I downloaded the latest ver. and half the screen is missing… How am I suppose to put a number in the space titled MOVE or the space titled SET TO when I can’t even see it? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times now

  4. Stickem says:

    So far i love the program makes editing go alot quiker those rotating items i just pitch them out 89.9 problem solved. On thing that agrovates me is when i save switch ingame and load it deselects the item im rotating, i use the mini editor for that just over my hotbar but i have to alt tab to the full screen program and reselect the item everytime i hit save.

    Another thing would be to have a refresh button for ingame edits to reload the same file your working. I move an item ingame i have to go through the whole file-load-select file routine, would be nice to just hit refresh and continue on.

  5. sands@ab says:

    Using Version

    After using New From Diff, and then deleting unwanted rows, I click on File > Save As and when I go to save it I receive an unhandled exception error stating: Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row.

    However, I can do the Save As first and then open the saved file, delete any unwanted rows, and then save again.

  6. eq2designers says:

    I havent had time to take a look at this. I think I know why it is happening. will try to get an update out before the end of the week.

  7. Bruce says:

    Quirk I have encountered, have seen no documentation about it, wanting to make sure it’s a glitch and not something more malicious. Roughly every 3 or 4 starts of the editor, a red button is available on the right side under the various position adjustors, which is labeled “Do What I Want”. I have thus far not clicked on it, no idea what it’s there for or what it would do. Is this something in the program, or is my antivirus lying to me when it says the file is clean?

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