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House Gables 101

EQ2 House Gables 101

First off, a gable is the triangle formed a sloping roof. The problem is in EverQuest2 there are no items that will fit perfectly into this area. Using Layouts you can cheat as long as the slope is less than 45°. You will need to hide a little bit of imperfection but this isn’t too hard to do.

Here is a picture of a basic house type structure

The roof Slope in this image is 20°. This was made by Pitching the dividers used for the roof by 110 and -110 (which the game decided to change greatly as seen in the screenshot at the end of this tutorial).

In order to fill this 20° x 150° x 20° triangle using squares without causing texture glimmer, you will need to angle them inward/outward slightly. About 0.6° works well for this tutorial. This means in order to fill this area, I would use one square pitched 20° and Rolled 90.6° as well as one that is pitched -20° and Rolled 90.6°. This will produce the effect below (I used a black and red tile so you can see the how they meet up. This will not produce perfection. If you are going for perfection you will need to use 4 items for the gable or use much less than 0.6° difference between the two items. To use 4 items you would just repeat this only rotate everything 180° to make the exterior (and move it out a bit).

Now all you need to do is hide the imperfection. You may need to use separate interior and exterior walls however I only needed one divider carefully placed.

Here is how the final layout looks. Note the two dividers that make up the roof (they are scale 2) were rotated like that by the game. The way I typed them in was rotate 0 , pitch +/- 110  and roll 0.

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  1. Sangelia says:

    actually there is a couple of doors that have the gable point to them. sold in the city faires.

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