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Microsoft .Net version 3.5 or higher is required to run this application. You can download .Net 3.5 from Microsoft from Here

Version Up 6/15/16 (Version

* Fixed Error caused by Unique House ID being too large.

Version Up 6/15/16 (Version

* Fixed Error caused by Unique House ID being in Hex.

Version Up 6/22/12 (Version

* add to group default to currently selected group.
* Scale “Set to” now accepts +/- modifiers (example – using “-0.5” will subtract .5 from the scale of the selected items)
* Added code to help fix external group data corruption (will also create a backup of the previous file).
* Added “Text Creator” with some initial fonts. Also added the Fontmaker program.
* Fixed Typo on Circle/spirals window for start angle
* Added ability to save variables on the Circle/Spiral tool (cannot delete them unless you edit the XML file in the assets folder)
* fixed some issues with Mirroring

Version Up 6/1/12 (Version
* fixed axis label on Mirror window
* Changed “Rem group” to “Del group”
* Fixed issue with deleting a group and then attempting to rename another group.

Version Up 4/26/12 (Version

* Fixed a bug with Saving group data

Version Up 4/26/12 (Version

* Added Mirror across Axis
* Added Radius Percent increase to Circle tool
* Added Zone Offsets
* Group Data now saved using Unique Zone ID
* Added option under tools to import Old group data.
* Added rename Group button
* Diff now creates a new group instead of opening a new tab
* Saving from the group tab now triggers GroupData/Notes save to external file if autosave is on in settings
* Save Data on group tab will also save Notes data if Autosave notes data is on in settings
* Save buttons should no longer clear row selection (full row select only)
* Moving an item to the crate on the Group tab will no longer clear row selection (full row select only)
* Added/changed Shortcut keys
Ctrl+S – Changed to be Context sensitive like the Save all/group button
Ctrl+C – Copy Item Location info
Ctrl+V – Paste Item Location info
Ctrl+G – Create Group (Main or Crate tabs only)
Ctrl+H – Add item to a Group (Main or Crate tabs only)
* Added “Reset Form Sizes” under Help

Version Up 11/29/11 (Version

  • Fix for saving issues after deleting

Version Up 10/05/11 (Version

  • Tile/circle windows will remember their locations
  • Save button should no longer clear row selection
  • Changed Move direction buttons to arrows
  • Added Ne/Nw/Se/Sw movements

Version Up 9/21/11 (Version

  • Possible fix for Diff/New from Diff random errors

Version Up 9/20/11 (Version

  • Updated save partial files for Layout version 6

Version Up 9/20/11 (Version

  • fixed BuildFrom (roll was reversed)
  • Added option to leave old item in group when replacing ItemIDs using replace.
  • Added copy/paste location info to right click menu
  • Layout Version 6 Support (header 3 adds Unique ZoneID)

Version Up 9/07/11 (Version

  • Added BuildFrom (Solve problem of Building walls using pitch)
  • Use Double Buffer for Datagrids Option added to Settings
  • Fixed Tile Area tool so that pitch/roll are actually pitch/roll

Version Up 8/23/11 (Version

  • rewrote “merge in” to fix it and made it maintainable.
  • removed group dir from settings.
  • Find Directory will now have the 1st dir returned selected after a scan.
  • After using Diff you will be taken to the Diff tab.
  • Save and Save As are disabled till you open a layout.

Version Up 8/18/11 (Version

  •  Major performance tweaks to loading files and compare code.
  •  Hotkeys for many common menu items
  •  Added “move to crate” to Rightclick menu
  •  Main/Crate count move to tab text
  •  comment support on groupsave
  •  Color highlight on crate
  •  Fixed a bug that could cause FakeUIDs in the crate by using duplicate and replace.
  •  Opened file will no longer be saved while doing a group save.



Version Up 8/01/11 (Version –

  • Added Manifest button to Crate tab
  • Fixed scrollbars not showing up after loading a layout

Version Up 7/27/11 (Version –

  • Added program Icon
  • Fixed a bug using “New from Diff” that could cause the program to freeze

Version Up 7/22/11 (Version –

  • fixed replace error when using new from diff
  • optimization for Diff (massive speed improvement)

(Version –

  • fixed tooltip text
  • fixed duplicate globalization bug

Version Up 7/15/11 (version –

  • Added Tabs
  • Added right click menu to the data grids for quick access to common functions.
  • Added ability to save Notes and Group data to an external file (program can match this data to a new layout based on UIDs)
  • Added option to use items from the crate to the various features that create new lines (duplicate, spirals, and tiling)
  • Added options to the create (tiles/spirals) to automatically create a new group.
  • Changed the Fake UIDs to unique negative numbers so that they can be added to groups. The program will keep track of the fakeUIDs and count down from -1000 (value is persistent).
  • Made bottom save button contextual. This will save group/diff if on those tabs or save all from main or crate.
  • Added Color tagging to groups (not saved with group data yet).
  • Threaded Diff – Added Progress bar (disables form while processing)
  • Added layout directory finder

Version Up 3/25/11 (version –

  • Added a field to increment the Radius when creating circles/spirals
  • Bug fix to the function used to Replace Fake UIDs ( which was never live)

Version Up 2/2/11 (version –

  • New tool to replace fake UIDs with ones from the moving crate

Version Up 12/23/10 (version –

  • Saving of column width (can be turned off in settings)
  • added an option to disable saving the main window’s size/position
  • Fixed total item count not displaying correctly after new from diff
  • Fixed Delete crates bug that would cause an error.
  • still attempting to get group scaling to work right. <-disabled in this build
  • New “replace” window that includes replaceing all X,Z,Y,Rotate,Pitch,Roll values (leaving them blank will keep the item’s original value. This means you can change just the X and Y values or any combination of them).
  • Support for commenting out a line in layouts (this is supported by the server already using “//” at the start of any line you want to be a comment. The editor will now load in lines that are commented out but still contain valid item data. It will also save these lines out to the layout


New Version up 12/05/10 (version

  • Added Mini Controls (helpfull for those running eq2 in windowed mode)
  • NewFromDiff should save your previously selected files
  • The Main window will save it’s size and position when close the program
  • Removed the group move/rotate from the main window.
  • Added a button to open the group move window.
  • minor bug fixes


Version up 6/30/10 (version

  • Fix for localization issues for EU users

New version up 5/9/10 (version

  • Added “New from Diff” feature (tutorial – Audio is very low )
  • Added duplicate and replace buttons.
  • Added in “standard items list” – This is not a completed feature.
  • Reworked sorting. It should no longer sort while you are working.

New version up 4/17/10 (version

  • Fixed  North and south movement
  • Added “Check for updates” under the file menu
  • Fixed a bug with creating objects
  • (note creating circles/spirals on anything but XY plane is buggy and I am still working on this.)


New version up 2/23/10 (version

  • Added support for Version 4 layouts, Version 3 will still work as well. To support this I have added a UID column to the dataview. This should effect the load order of items.

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